News Flash. Federal Funding for YFP has been cut back. Supporters of YFP are screaming to the media that YFP may not be able to continue as it has since federal funding inflated it years ago. Millions may be adversely effected. Woe is the world without YFP. YFP worked well at the beginning, funded by donations, volunteers and private grants. It was simply smaller and less effective before federal funding. If the citizens impacted by the cutback work hard and look at the core elements of YFP, creativity and alternate funding sources may, as they did in the beginning, keep it functioning. After all, YFP is not a core requirement of the federal government. If anything YFP is a local concern, not a federal one. I'm sorry to point out the obvious, but, short an increase in taxes, the coexistence of YFP and MFP at funding levels desired by their separate supporters is outside the realm of possibility. YFP, MFP and SEFP as desired, are simply too large to fit in the budget. So, I say to the supporters of YFP, get out there and find local, state or private funding to fill in the gap. And, by the way, since the federal government is unbelievably fickle, it would be a good idea for the supporters of MFP and SEFP to do the same.