I had the opportunity to attend a concert by the Virginia Symphony Orchestra last evening. They were accompanied by the Symphony's chorus and by the chorus of Norview High School. Now, it doesn't matter who the composer was or what was played. But, at some point, while enjoying a masterful performance, both instrumental and orchestral, it occurred to me that in twenty years, we may find it hard to stage a symphony orchestra or chorus of the caliber that delighted a theaterful last night. Why? Public schools are cancelling arts programs at an alarming rate. The young flute player last night, she soloed so enchantingly, once sat on a folding chair in a middle school 'band room' and learned to love music. Euterpe, the Greek muse of music, saw her, took her and gave her a gift. But, if we don't have 'band rooms', 'chorus rooms' or 'art' rooms, who will the muses take for the next generation? Who will sit on the stages and stand on the risers to enchant our grandchildren and inspire them? Please don't let your schools become edifices of 'social correctness', 'alternative histories' or high-pressure STEM testing laboratories. Let 'our' children experience the magic, beauty and delights of our world as well. And, if it costs more, raise more. We get what we pay for and it looks to me as if we are paying for a drab future of political and social 'correctness' with no beauty. Bummer!