A change in the national bird is in order

The great American intransigence on display these days will cost a million lives if we ALL don't do what's right. The selfless spirit of community that supported 13 million uniformed service members in WWII (The Big One) is missing. "Hell No. You can't make me ration sugar. You can't tell me I can't buy more gas. I won't turn out the lights at my Atlantic shore beach cottage. I've got a right ....."

I'm flabbergasted, daily, by stupidity (from those residing at well known residential addresses to those living in public housing). Science is not an option. It is not 'one man's opinion'. Survey says: Do stupid stuff and many will get sick. If many get sick, some will die. Are you willing to spin the wheel of misfortune for yourself? for your spouse? for your parents? for your children? for your future?

The most prominent view of an ostrich, when his head is in the sand, is that his ass is hanging out!

I now return you to your regularly schedule life.

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Saturday, 02 July 2022

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