An Existential Threat to Our Republic

--Disclaimer—I've tried to use my BLOG posts to get my readers, few that they are, to think about the subjects about which I write, and then to form their own opinions. But I've tried not to take sides. Not this time. —

A former president, a man whom the electorate once entrusted with the defense of our republic, has publicly announced his desire to suspend the Constitution, its articles, and the laws related to it, to further his personal desire to become the dictator of our country. He has firmly placed the boot of tyranny on the throat of our freedom. Yet his sycophants and followers wish to soft-pedal the attack on our freedom as non-threatening. While I take a deep breath, let me expound upon what his 'suspense of the Constitution' entails – and the probable betrayal of his supporters that in includes.

Suspending the Constitution means that the First, Second, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments no longer hold the rule and force of law. Uh, okay?

- He can close down news media that disagree with his views and arrest those who publish opinions and information opposing his desires.

- He can persecute any minority, religious group, cultural population group, or sexual segment with impunity. Oh, and he can change his mind if he wants. Women – you're going to be first.

- He can block, arrest, and persecute anyone who protests against his views. Blacks, Hispanics, Orientals, and LGBTQ+ you're next.

- He can, if he feels threatened, take the guns from the very supporters who put him in this position. He has his own private police force. QAnon, Proud Boys, and other militia, you are a threat him. He trusts no one. You're third.

- He can enter, search, and seize property with impunity, without recourse, reason, or due process of law.

- He can meddle with Congress, blocking their authority and overriding or ignoring their lawful pursuits.

- He can appoint and remove judges and justices as he feels, based upon their support of his personal desires. And he can change his mind. No supporter or appointed official is safe.

- He can ignore 'posse comitatus' and use the Army to enforce his personal desires.

If this doesn't sound familiar, I invite you to read up on the careful attack upon the freedoms of the German people in 1933.

This former president is:

- A threat to our republic.

- A domestic enemy of our republic.

- A seditious conspirator who would destroy our republic to assuage his personal ego.

It takes only the silent acquiescence of good people for evil men to seize power.

The last time this was allowed to happen, more than 30 million people died.

This is what will happen if he, or anyone, is allowed to 'suspend the Constitution'.

I plead with you. Don't let it happen.

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Friday, 23 February 2024