Coming Together as a Community

I think we are experiencing a change if you will, in the feel of this crisis. The vast majority appear to realize that this isn't someone else's crisis. It isn't funny or a curiosity. And, it's going to touch everyone somehow. But, in that realization, the community is beginning to band together to give from its own resource of talent. 

We can't go out. And, if we could, no entertainment venues are open.  So the entertainment is coming to us. YouTube broadcast the first of a series of free Sir Andrew Lloyd Webbe'sr musicals. Ostensibly, this is a cooperative effort to give some entertainment to the millions 'staying home'. I'm sure that YouTube expects that some subscriptions will come there way, but that's okay. We enjoyed the performance of 'Joseph and the Technicolor Dreamcoat' and look forward to 'Jesus Christ, Superstar' next Friday. CBS, the night before, broadcast a Garth Brooks and Trisha Yearwood online jam session, a free one hour concert, if you will.  

And, this very afternoon, a neighbor, who is a musician in better times, is giving a free concert on his lawn for the neighborhood. The poster says to bring a chair, your own snacks and beverages and sit on the lawn, the drive or in the street, observing Social Distancing, and enjoy. Nearby neighbors will even be able to hear from their own front yards.

As a community, we're making masks for ourselves and our health care workers, shopping for those who can't or shouldn't go out, delivering meals and cheering for those who live nearby but are spending their time working in the hospitals, clinics and other live-saving jobs. We're not cowering or shunning. We're helping and hoping.

We may not have hit the peak of the illness yet. But, I think we've turned a corner. Life will never be the same. But, maybe ... just maybe ... it will be just a little bit better.

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Saturday, 02 July 2022

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