I'm Defining a New Word

I've decided to create a word based upon an experience this morning. Two boxes appeared on my porch from Amazon. It doesn't matter what I ordered, nor that the delivery was a day early. I received delivery notification on my remote device and retrieved the boxes from the porch. From there I carefully took them to the garage and retreated into the house to wash my hands (for 20 seconds, of course). Returning to the garage, I put on gloves and opened the boxes, removing the contents and placing them on the washing machine. I removed the outer boxes to the recycle bin and went into the house to wash my hands a second time in five minutes (for 20 seconds, of course). I needed the contents of one box, so I removed the internal contents and put the box out of reach. All containers will remain in place for twenty-four hours. I don't need the contents, or what might be riding along, that badly.

Does this seem nuts to you? It sure did to me. I usually attack a shipment like a kid on Christmas morning, scattering packaging to the wind within seconds of delivery. However, my actions were necessary in today's environment. Well, if not necessary then actions taken in an abundance of caution and self-protection.

So, in commemoration of this unusual activity, I've coined the word Nutsessary. Defined as activity which, under normal circumstances would be considered totally irrational, but which is required by the presence of unusual circumstances.

Who can think of other nutscessary events in their lives today? Now, I'm going to go wash my hands again (for 20 seconds, of course). Ya'll be careful out there, now. Y'hear?


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Saturday, 02 July 2022

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