Is this what it's like at Floyd's today?

I'd like to take you to Floyd's Barbershop in Mayberry. Oh, did I forget to mention that it's the first week he's been open since NC closed all the barbershops? So, Andy walks in, needing a haircut badly. 

"Andy. You need a mask!" 

Andy looked at his friend who was wearing a homemade mask with barber poles on it. He sported tan colored latex gloves.Andy uncrumpled the cloth mask Aunt Bee made for him and slipped it on. "Sorry."

"No other customers, so take the chair." 

Floyd trimmed Andy's neck, holding the mask straps away, and was beginning to thin and shape the hair on top when the door opened and Barney walked in. "Morning, Floyd". He plopped into a chair and reached for a National Geographic. The basket was empty.

"Sorry, Barney, but you have to wait outside." Floyd motioned toward a hook by the door. "Grab a number off the hook. When Andy leaves, you're next."

Eyes wide, his voice squeaked, "What?"

Andy intervened. "Those are the rules from Raleigh, Andy. The Phase 1 rules memo is on your desk. Didn't you read it?"

Shoulders slumped. "No." Deputy Fife sullenly took a number from the hook, opened the door and walked toward the squad car to wait.

Floyd leaned back against the counter behind him. He sighed, "Ya know Andy, it's just not like the old days."

Andy didn't turn, responding through the mask. "Somehow, I don't think it ever will be, again, Floyd."

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Saturday, 02 July 2022

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