Nature Proves a Point

A feel good piece on the Today show should demonstrate, in an indisputable way, human impact on the environment. The lack of human activity, factories shut down, aircraft grounded, national park (not just ours) closed and cars parked, has given Nature the opportunity take a deep breath of her own clean air. The air in Wuhan china is 33.7% cleaner than before the outbreak. The air in northern Italy is 60+% cleaner. Deer are roaming the roadways of our national parks and bears are prowling the human areas of Yosemite. The canals in Venice are clean and clear of oil slicks and garbage. Now, you can't tell me that this is coincidental. Nope. It's because our (human) activity is severely reduced. 

I know we can't keep it that way. That would be a paradigm shift that is insupportable. But, maybe some of the work-arounds will stick. Fewer aircraft may move fewer people. More work may be done from remote locations. In and of itself, this isn't enough. Factories still need cleaner emissions and cars need to travel fewer miles. But, it's a glimpse into a world where we take responsibility for our impact on the environment before our air looks like that of the planet Venus. We should all strive for that world.

Ya'll take care out there, now. Y'hear?

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Saturday, 02 July 2022

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