Crumbling Mortar

Our republic and its traditions of both individual and national freedom stand upon a monolith; one that has supported a unique way of life in a one-of-a-kind place for 237 years. That pillar is appearing to be showing its age of late … or is it? Is it truly a monolith; a large and impersonal political, corporate, or social structure regarded as int...

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Word for the Day - Heterogeneous

Heterogenous means unalike or distinct from one another. The opposite of heterogeneous is homogeneous. Let us speak of nations as an example of both. Iceland is homogeneous. It is Ivory pure – 99.44% Caucasian, blond, etc. Why is immaterial. That Iceland is homogeneous just is. The United States is anything but. We are, by history, heterogeneous. W...

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