I'm Defining a New Word

I've decided to create a word based upon an experience this morning. Two boxes appeared on my porch from Amazon. It doesn't matter what I ordered, nor that the delivery was a day early. I received delivery notification on my remote device and retrieved the boxes from the porch. From there I carefully took them to the garage and retreated into the h...

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The New Normal

I expect that we are in the midst a paradigm shift as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Our world will never quite be the same. For the foreseeable future, handshakes, hugs and other one-on-one greetings will be causes for stress. The new normal may be, who knows, a simple nod of the head? Home delivery and hands-free delivery of nearly any commod...

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Keep it Under Your Hat

It was raining today when I took Linda to Physical Therapy, so I wore my 'rain hat'. It's a soft crush hat that I boughtin 1999 at Walt Disney World. It was raining mice and ducks there that visit and I needed a hat, if only to help keep my glasses clear. But, I digress. Like all tourists, I got a few souvenir pins there. My first was Figment, then...

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Lest We Forget

Our granddaughter, Natalie, now home-schooling like most American kids, has a requirement to keep a journal about these times. I think it's a wonderful idea to keep notes on the big and small of what's happening in the world today. In fact, I recommend that we all keep notes on our observations of the day to day travails during this once-in-a-lifet...

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You can't make this stuff up!

I was outlining and had written the first lines of a story about life after the current pandemic unpleasantness. As the news unfolded, I realized that I couldn't imagine this as fast as it's making its own news. I know that somewhere in California, huddled, alone, trapped in place by gubernatorial decree, writers are grinding out screen plays about...

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